North American Police

              Work Dog Association

The North American Police Work Dog Association was founded in 1977 with their stated goal,

"Dedicated to assisting working dog teams throughout the world".

Each of our canine teams are also proud members of the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) and are tested annually by them in order to receive their certifications as a cadaver dog team and in obedience.  The certification process takes over several days in which our teams are scrutinized by NAPWDA Master Trainers.  Each team must first pass testing in obedience followed by various search tests in water, rubble, area, buried, vehicle, and building searches.  Our canine teams must prove on an annual basis that they are proficient in searching for human remains and will only indicate on human remains and not the remains of vegetation or animals.

Along with annually certifying our teams, NAPWDA also holds many canine workshops/seminars.  As the Western Cadaver Dog Association, we host a NAPWDA Cadaver Dog Workshop on an annual basis.  These allow us to train and connect with other agencies, trainers, and master trainers who we are able to collaborate with, learn from, and share knowledge and experience.  We thoroughly enjoy partaking in the continuing education and expertise provided to us through the North American Work Dog Association and it's members.

To learn more about the North American Police Work Dog Association, please visit their website!

To learn more about the NAPWDA Cadaver Workshop hosted by us, please contact us.