K9 Certification

Every canine team we deploy is certified annually by the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) in their Cadaver Dog profile and for obedience. 

We believe that annual certification is essential to providing effective and reliable search teams.  Furthermore, we have our teams certified through an external body (the North American Police Work Dog Association) to ensure that the certification is done in an unbiased fashion.  Only teams that meet the high standards of NAPWDA receive certification and become deployable.

The certification process takes place over several days and consists of seven parts.  Our dogs are evaluated in:

Obedience Testing,

Water Search,

Area Search,

Rubble Search,

Building Search,

Buried Remains Search,

and Vehicle Search.

Canine and handler are evaluated and certified as an individual team.  This not only ensures that the canine is able to detect human remains, but that the canine and handler operate effectively together.  After all, both the canine and the handler bring elements essential to an effective canine search team; one cannot do their job without the other.  Each team must pass ALL of the test elements in order to receive certification while being evaluated by a NAPWDA Master Trainer.  The Master Trainer must sign off on each certification before it is awarded.